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An Interview with Kelli Ellis: Author of Do I Look Skinny In This House?

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I'm so excited to share a new design book called Do I Look Skinny In This House?: How to Feel Great In Your Home Using Design Psychology by Kelli Ellis today.

Kelli was the featured designer on TLC's Clean Sweep, and did two seasons of HGTVs Takeover my Makeover, Value Booster's, and Move or Improve. In December 2013 Kelli added some holiday sparkle to the homes of Haylie Duff and Lorenzo Lamas for HGTV's Celebrity Holiday Homes. She also runs Design Camp with Lori Dennis, where they mentor interior designers.

Kelli graciously answered some questions for me about her new book and design work. Read on for the interview and do pick up a copy of her book, you will love it.

Interview with Kelli Ellis by Bonnie Diczhazy

In your book Do I Look Skinny In This House? you challenge people to create a home that encompasses their complete being, a home that reflects who they are. Is that a hard concept to get across to people who are looking for the "perfect home"?

No, I know it sounds really daunting but the perfect home is one that makes you smile, period. Sometimes that is a home that follows trends but usually it’s a home that is thoughtful in the decor, finish, style, and choices. When a client chooses a home based entirely on a picture, I get them to go deeper with the “why’s” of their choices. With a thoughtful design your clients will be happy with the results and feel at home in their spaces.

How did you come up with the "Do I look skinny in this..." concept?

I created the Certified Design Psychology Coaching program. That program was created after I was approached by life coaches and decorators who were transforming their clients lives and homes without a formal design education. The response to the program was amazing, so I decided to expand the program into a “light” version and “Do I Look Skinny in this House?” was born. The name speaks to the how we feel about homes and how we wear our design style like couture.

What's so important about the 3 F's. Function, Flow and Feel?

No room is complete without the 3 F’s! If you are missing one element your room is a waste of square footage! Think about a room that looks nice but is hard to walk through or lacks the tools you need to work or live in the space...not gonna work. Or a room that has all function and no aesthetic, you don’t want to be in it for any length of time. We must have all three to have the haven’s we seek.

Can anyone benefit from design psychology, no matter what their budget?

Absolutely! DP has nothing to do with spending money. You can reorganize and prioritize your design with things you already own! As an exercise, clean out one room completely - everything out. Assess what you like about the room it’s focal points and the 3 f’s. Consider refocusing and rearranging the layout using your existing furniture. Having vintage and heirloom pieces is what makes our homes unique and interesting. Clearing out and completely redoing is not necessary to create a haven.

What's your favorite "comfort piece" in your own home?

Well it’s lots of pieces...My first edition book collection, 2,500+ books given to me by my Great grandmother!

Growing up who inspired you to become a designer?

As a little girl my mother is the one who used to tell me to clean my room to ...”look like a model home!” I would spend hours creating sofas, vinettes, and constantly recreate the best looks I could with hot pink shag carpet! My mother encouraged my creative talents but my parents really wanted me to become a lawyer. I went to law school but quickly

You transformed Haylie Duff's home for the holidays on HGTV's "Celebrity Holiday Homes". What was your favorite part of that design project?

Haylie was so much fun I really enjoyed her trees but one of my favorite touches was the package garland on the windows and doors. They can be made elegant or whimsicle. I also had the pleasure of working on Lorenzo and Shawna Lamas' home, as well. And just like Haylie, I have the most fun with my clients - it's been a blast doing the show.

Kelli Ellis HGTV "Celebrity Holiday Homes"

 Last updated on September 3, 2014

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Craftypicks profile image

Craftypicks 5 months ago from Las Vegas Level 2 Commenter

I just entered the camp give away in Las Vegas. I wouldn't have to rent a hotel :)

aka-rms profile image

aka-rms 5 months ago from USA Level 3 Commenter

What a great concept! I think I need this book. My home could use a little help in the 3 Fs department. Love the book cover design too. So cute!

Ruthi 5 months ago

I am thrilled to learn low budget options exist, no budget in my case. Your 3-F's design elements make so much sense. I have some room rearranging to do!

Merrci profile image

Merrci 5 months ago from Oregon's Southern Coast Level 7 Commenter

Love the ideas here. The 3-F's but also, taking everything out of a room and only bringing back what works for you and the room. Makes me want to go start right now! Great interview.

katiesnow 5 months ago

Im all for working with what you have and I love moving my pieces around to get a new look!

favored profile image

favored 5 months ago from USA Level 7 Commenter

What a great title for a book. In my field I've coached people on emotional effects using colors and environment. You've got to love where you live in your mind as well as physically. Really fun ideas in the video too.

VictorVoice 5 months ago

Great lens! I really enjoyed reading it.

nikahexplorer profile image

nikahexplorer 5 months ago

I like this interview :)

traveldestinations 5 months ago

Nice interview.

bilbobaggins87 profile image

bilbobaggins87 4 months ago

What a great interview! Love her!!

Scindhia H profile image

Scindhia H 4 months ago from Chennai Level 1 Commenter

Great interview!

Heidi Vincent profile image

Heidi Vincent 3 months ago from GRENADA Level 7 Commenter

Great interview, Bonnie! I believe in the 3Fs because the rooms in my home that possess it I love the most.

Brite-Ideas profile image

Brite-Ideas 2 months ago from Toronto, Canada Level 7 Commenter

enjoyed the interview!

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